TFI Fashion Your Future Program - Week 1 Recap

August 31, 2015

Plotting out timelines, Exposing screens, Printing preliminary designs...

 Hey lovelies! I apologize for the lack of updates on my end but I have been working away tediously over the past few weeks attending classes for Toronto Fashion Incubator's Fashion Your Future 15 day bootcamp. As selected as a top 10 participant, among the 40 or so pre-existing attendees, I am required to create a 10-15 piece accessory collection within an additional 15 days - not limited to belts, purses, scarves, hats, jewellery, or the like. After changing ideas throughout the course of the bootcamp, I eliminated my other curious options of jewellery-making to focus primarily on fabric printing for blanket scarves, circle scarves, pocket squares,  and bandanas.

I started an intensive mentorship program with Kingi Carpenter, owner and designer of silkscreening business, Peach Beserk, at Queen West and Shaw in Toronto. 

This was no surprise that we would be matched for one another because Kingi has previously been responsible for the printing of our Acrylic/Bamboo-Cotton three-way toque

 I have been working out of her basement studio and lush backyard, learning the entire silkscreening process:

  1. stretch mesh onto wooden frames
  2. coat the mesh with photo emulsion in thin coats
  3. expose my graphic images onto the emulsion
  4. wash the screen out using a high-pressure hose

 Facade Skull Graphic on Vellum #TFIFYF

Facade Graphics on Vellum #TFIFYF

We begin by printing the graphics to size on vellum paper.

Textile Inks and Dyes #TFIFYF

These are some of the inks and textile paints purchased to colorize the material.

Cotton-silk, silk, and bamboo jersey #TFIFYF

I will be using cotton-silk for large, blanket scarves100% silk for pocket squares and bandanas, and bamboo jersey for infinity scarves.

Exposed silkscreen #TFIFYF

Exposing silkscreens #TFIFYF

Exposing the image onto the screens using UV lights.

Test printing the finished silkscreens on paper.

Drying some printed test jersey fabric outside with my various sizes of silkscreens.

At the end of this mentorship, I hope to tie in the collection together by creating a cute purse that will incorporate the fabric scarves as an embellishment or a functional tie!

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