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September 14, 2015

The past three weeks...

Thank you everyone deeply from the bottom of my heart for your patience, excitement and support over the past three weeks. As you may have read in my previous blog post, I have started and am now nearing the end of my mentorship with Toronto Fashion Incubator's Fashion Your Future program to create my own accessory collection for Spring 2016. The weeks have flown by increasingly quicker and quicker throughout September. I am truly grateful to have made it thus far - the skills I have learned while under the guidance of mentor, Kingi Carpenter of Peach Berserk, the outreach of followers that have grown and cheered on the progress of my collection and individual pieces, the outstanding designers that I've been fortunate to meet and work with throughout this journey, the list goes on and on and on. It has been an amalgamation of frustrating tears, fighting back egos, going through massive learning curves, making persistent sacrifices, and maturing as a business owner and designer being blessed with so much positive and heartwarming direction. 

I just wanted to update you guys with the different shoots and projects that I have been up to as I have not been neglecting some of you or have been too lazy to update the site, etc. etc. 

Shar Love leggings + Facade Tank-top Collaboration

at Distillery District


Nivy, Sharon, Pearlyna - These girls were amazing sports - coming out on a Monday evening to model against a quickly exiting sunset. They are wearing the incredibly soft and breathable leggings by Shar Love (Sharon Espinal). Definitely check them out as legging season is almost in full swing!


*New* Facade Baseball Jerseys and Baseball Raglan Tees!

at MaRS Discovery District 

 After some rainy day blues, we finally were able to sneak in a handful of photos inside at the beautiful mARS research facility with these natural beauties - David and Natalie.


Scarves from the 'Rebirth' Collection (Spring 2016)

Organized by Toronto Fashion Incubator's Fashion Your Future Program

Shown here, are the cotton-silk blanket scarves and the silk tassels that we made of fabric recycled and lefft over from the scarves.

**If you like what you see here, and would like to pre-order any of the aforementioned items, please send me an email at :) Bear in mind, these are only snippets - I will be updating the blog ASAP once this week ends :D

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