Thanks for visiting us at the Pancakes & Booze show! (Friday, October 21st, 2016)

October 26, 2016

We had an incredibly long hiatus and are now back doing pop-up/art shows! Our friend, Pursuade Me asked us to vend at the October Pancakes & Booze art show at the Opera House, this past Friday. It was a super great turn out and it was amazing to meet so many new faces! 

Facade Table setup at the Pancakes & Booze show October 2016

For those of you that aren't familiar with the Pancakes & Booze travelling tour, it takes place in Toronto twice a year. It features an incredibly array of artwork from participating artists, an unlimited amount of free pancakes, bar for drinks, a slew of DJs and musical talent, and this time around: a gruelsome-looking but creative group of models dressed and painted as zombies. 

Zombie Photo courtesy of Tibi Hegyesi at the Pancakes and Booze Show, Opera House, Toronto, Ontario, October 2016

We shared a booth with Pursuade Me - mixing in some of her upcycled jewellery with one of our "Cerebral" blanket scarf

Table set-up Facade and Pursuade Me at the Pancakes & Booze show October 2016

We even offered live drawings of sugar-skull portraits for guests on the spot! Here is Michael, getting his portrait done. 

Facade Live Drawing Sugar Skull Portrait at Pancakes & Booze Show

Facade Toronto Sugar Skull Portrait with Model Toronto, Ontario

Here are some of our favourite picks of all the amazing artwork from the night:

Chihiro Segi

 Chi1000 Skull Portrait


 Kat Pruss

Kat Pruss Illustration


Boloebi Charles Okah

Boloebi Charles Okah, visual artist


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